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Gizmodo covers CBG19's Cardboard Robocop Costume

Monday October 7th 2013

Built and worn by Comic Book Girl 19 for this year's Comic Con and Dragoncon, the costume took one month to design, and since most grocery stores give away cardboard by the truckload, the total budget was about $117 in Epson ink cartridges. Compared to

Cosplayed | Epic Cardboard RoboCop Cosplay

Posted by: Lauren Davis - October 20th 2013

This year, Comic Book Girl 19 built a remarkable cardboard RoboCop suit, and here we get to see it in movie action. She reenacts one of the classic scenes from the film, while flipping the bird at the remake.

Variety Magazine Blurb on CBG19.​

April 14, 2013.

"Respected by fanboys, shocking pink-haired CBG19 produces good-looking and sometimes biting video reviews of comics, movies, books and TV shows. “Game of Thrones” fans value her opinions, and she’s already getting hosting gigs on other...

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