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Hello Giggles Article: Comic Books as Modern Mythology

July 25th 2013

Last weekend, over 100,000 people, many of them decked out in wild, colorful costumes, packed the San Diego Convention Center to capacity for the annual event that some consider a pilgrimage: Comic-Con. The mega-convention showcases all kinds of pop-culture media in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, but was originally founded to specifically celebrate comic books. Comic books nowadays have a mass appeal – especially because so many are being turned into blockbuster movies – but the true comic “fanboy” forms a well-known stereotype of someone who is anything...

CBG19 Models for Artist Dan dos Santos: @ Muddy Colors Blog

Muddy Colors - Feb 26 2013


​Well, if I wasn't in trouble before for painting sexist covers that objectify women, I am pretty sure I will be after this one.

A few years ago, I painted the cover to Diana Rowland's 'My Life as White Trash Zombie'. None of my usual models actually fit the description of the heroine, Angel. So, in order to achieve the kind of look I wanted, I actually used photographs of three different women. I took features from each of their faces, and homogenized them into a single face that I felt accurately portrayed the character in my...

Man Cave Daily: CBG19 Interviewed by Blake Northcott

Country Weekly March 2023


I discovered ComicBookGirl19 last summer on YouTube when I stumbled  across her brilliant analysis of the baffling movie Prometheus. It was funny, articulate, and so well-researched that I felt like I was sitting in a university classroom learning from a film teacher. After that I was hooked: I needed to watch every single one of her videos so I could soak up as much comic book and movie knowledge as I could.​
Then last September I was lucky enough to run into her at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Fan Expo in Los Angeles…and it was love at first sight (how can you not fall in love with this girl – just look at her!)


That's article on CBG19.

Thanks to: Feb 7 2013 by Jamie.


Do you ever find yourself looking up a movie (Prometheus left me slightly baffled) after you’ve seen it and randomly clicking on link after link, then find yourself in front of the holy grail of awesome? That is how I came across Comic Book Girl 19‘s Youtube channel and it was too good not to share. I watched for the insightful, funny and intelligent analysis of the movie, but stayed for the charismatic reviews of TV shows, Movies and as you may have guessed, Comic Books.

Moar Powah! : Give it a Shot! Article on CBG19:

Thanks to: - Feb 24th - 2013 - by Silverwolf .


Hey everyone! Silverwolf here with another exciting edition of Give It a Shot, the column where the Moarpowah writers tell you about lesser known things worth checking out! Today I’m here to talk about a fellow comic reviewer and host of the self-titled Youtube series “The Comic Book Girl 19 Show.”

As a comic reviewer myself, it’s rare that I look for opinions on comics by other people. Often, I’m going to buy an issue whether someone says it good or not. Occasionally, however, I look for information about lesser known independent comics, and such a search is what caused me to stumble upon... 

Geekology - Comic Books For Nooblers:

Thanks to: Geekology - June 5, 2012


This is a how-to guide to comics for beginners made by two of my good friends (and you thought I didn't have any!). In the video, Comic Book Girl 19 (I know her real name but I won't tell you because then she'll tell you mine and I'll be f***ed. Oooooor just way more popular) guides nooblers through the process of catching up on storylines, buying comics, and touches on some current issues in the industry. Already a comic PRO-BLER? Then check out her other videos featuring in-depth reviews of some of her favorite current titles. Man, she is like WAAAY into comics..

Top 30 Bad Ass Comic Writers List - by CBG19

A list of writers by comic book girl 19 - June 3, 2012


This is a list of 30 Comic Writers that you need to know about in no particular order. This list is in no way a complete list of bad ass writers. Also, I have listed a new notable works beside each writers name. The underlined titles are some of my Super Faves.

CBG19 Blurb in Variety:

April 14, 2013


Respected by fanboys, shocking pink-haired CBG19 produces good-looking and sometimes biting video reviews of comics, movies, books and TV shows. “Game of Thrones” fans value her opinions, and she’s already getting hosting gigs on other shows:​

Geekpeeks: SDCC13: Comic Book Girl 19 Revisited

July 25th 2013


For those uninitiated to her YouTube channel, Comic Book Girl 19 is the title host for the show, which she uses to talk about comics, movies, TV shows, and all sorts of interesting geek culture topics. Her most notable works include in-depth analyses of complex subject matter like Grant Morrison’s “Flex Mentallo,” Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” and George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and...

Built and worn by Comic Book Girl 19 for this year's Comic Con and Dragoncon, the costume took one month to design, and since most grocery stores give away cardboard by the truckload, the total budget was about $117 in Epson ink cartridges. Compared to

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