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Documentaries and Short FIlms

Simultaneously while producing our regular Youtube show we are always working on a longer and more elaborate project that takes many months to complete. Here is a collection of some of our documentaries and short film projects.



Epic History: X-Men Volume 1

Learn the REAL story of Marvel's X-Men during their first full decade and the social and political movements that inspired them in this feature length documentary by Comic Book Girl 19 and Tyson Wheeler.  Production Credits:
Directed by Tyson Wheeler -
Produced by 19 Productions LLC
Written by Comic Book Girl 19 and Tyson Wheeler
Camera Man Joe Homokay
Animation by Dominic Maschler. 
Comic art Photoshop by James William Penland
Animation by Joe Homokay
Edited by Tyson Wheeler/  Assistant Editor Steven Yee  

Production Assistant JT Tasker. Intern Vicky Arias. 

Epic History: X-Men Volume 2

A documentary film about the History of the X-Men in the 70's era including one of their greatest story lines, the Phoenix Saga.  

Directed By: 
Tyson Wheeler   @TysonXIX

Executive Producer:
Comic Book Girl 19  @cbgirl19

Produced By:
19 Productions LLC

Written By:  Comic Book Girl 19 and Tyson Wheeler

Hosted By:  Comic Book Girl 19
Co-Hosted by:  Robot

Production Assistance By - Vicky Arias 

Epic Review: Catching Fire. 

A 42 minute documentary on the themes, symbolism, and social commentary in Catching Fire.  
Credits by time-code at end of video. 

This Article came out a few months after this video was initially made and serves as a good resource backing up its claims: 
"Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse"

Epic History: Game of Thrones 

Full Series 


Includes the history of House Stark, House Baratheon, House Targaryen, and House Lannister. 


The link bellow is the playlist to all 4 videos.

Epic History House Stark. 

A 35 minute documentary on the history of Game of Thrones house Stark. 
2nd Edition 2014
Version II: (2014) This version has been updated and combined from 2 parts to reflect more relevant information. 


Production Credits:
Intro 3D Animation by Dominic Maschler. 
Edited by Tyson Wheeler
Directed by Tyson Wheeler
Stark Beer created by Keri Kilgo & Pete Kelly. 

Epic Review: Prometheus.  

One of our first hit videos on Youtube was a in depth review of the film Prometheus. We followed up that video months later with an even more elaborate docu-review of the film. 


Topics covered include detailed criticism of the film, the revelations from the original script by John Sphaits, the deleted scenes revelations, and comparisons between Prometheus themes and Star Trek TNG Themes. Spoiler Warning: This video details everything that happened in Prometheus and can only be viewed following the film. '


Link to our our Promethus videos Playlist:

Ghost Perv (2010).

A short film Produced by CBG19, Tyson Wheeler and Brett Hollis. Ghost Perv is the story of a woman who discovers she can communicate with the dead.  Rated R. Parental Guidance suggested. Contains strong nudity. 

Directed by Tyson Wheeler
Written by Brett Hollis and Tyson Wheeler

Brett Hollis as Ghost Perv, 
Alice Greczyn as Jennifer. 
Doug Devinski as Construction Worker #2, 
Randy as Construction Worker #3.
Production assistants:
Brett Newton, Joe Homokay, Joseph William Penland 
More credits in video...

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